At Bricks, our aim is to provide corporate clients (developers, investors), with the best possible B2B real estate solutions. We offer turn-key services covering one part or the full spectrum of the real estate value chain, from real estate consultancy, screening and securing land lots, architecture & engineering, and/or real estate representation (Sales & Marketing). Bricks is also there to meet after-sales services such as Property Management and Maintenance.

Having carried the buyer throughout the purchasing process, we find value in carrying his/her interests further towards managing their real estate asset in the form of rendering professional property & facilities management services, thus minimizing operational disruption, maximizing equipment life span, thus retaining asset value.

Not to forget the end user, Bricks, have also created a division catering transparently to that retail segment by advising/guiding our clients to what suits them the most by carefully explaining each step, presenting various options, and informing you about the advantages/disadvantages of every project. Thus, helping you save time and energy in the search for selling or buying the perfect property.


Reliability - Integrity - Credibility - Transparency - Professionalism


Our mission at Bricks is to offer sound, accurate, and up-to-date consultation and services for real estate developers, investors and end users. As professional and transparent partner, we aim to help our clients secure the best service and/or value, acting as a fair and unbiased arbitrator between developer and client.


Our Vision at Bricks is to become a leader in the B2B and B2C real estate service sector. Leveraging our know-how of the real estate market in the communities we operate in, at BRICKS, we constantly strive to improve our Standard Operating Procedures to provide an efficient, fast, transparent and credible service.