Sales & Marketing

Business to Business

1. Market Intelligence:

• Identify current economic trends
• Identify new consumer trends
• Identify Impact of seasonality
• Investigate banking confidence in real estate, loan rates, and pre-requisites.

2. Competitive landscaping (Market Survey):

• Identify relevant information required (Project type, unit sizes, availability, prices, specifications, parking, amenities, completion date).
• Identify geographical area of interest (Outer & direct proximity to project location).
• Conduct field survey.
• Prepare market survey report covering criteria, findings, limitations, and recommendations.

3. Pricing Strategy:

• Prepare price list and payment schedules simulations vs. project profitability
• Prepare price list and payment schedules simulations vs. loan monthly repayment amount
• Propose price list phasing strategy.

4. Marketing Planning & Strategy:

• Identify target segment characteristics and income bracket
• Prepare S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and draw conclusions
• Assist in project positioning strategy (Value propositions, emphasize strengths, address weaknesses).

5. Marketing Coordination & Implementation:

• Participate in development of campaign concept
• Prepare marketing budget
• Coordinate and follow up marketing material preparation
• Participate in marketing channels selection and phasing strategy
• Coordinate and follow up media reservations, buying, and execution
• Participate in public relations events and launching ceremonies.

6. Sales Services:

• Assign account manager & dedicated sales team
• Assign sales contact information (Phone numbers and address)
• Coordinate setting up of site sales offices and mobile sales stands
• Prepare Sale kit including all relevant information
• Establish sales standard operating procedures& update mechanism
• Receive customers and present the product along with the sales conditions and payment schemes.
• Provide Liaison and coordination services between Developer, client, banks and project management.
• Follow through sales activity from initial contact towards contract signature
• Prepare periodic sales reports.
• Establish Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

7. After Sales Services:

• Review sales contracts and coordinate other required legal documents
• Customer account tracking, follow up, and payment collection.
• Processing payables if and when applicable
• Periodic cash flow and financial reports

Business to Consumer

1. For Property Sellers:

• Finding & Screening buyers or tenants
• Free Online Marketing
• Legal Advice
• Contract Preparation
• Detailed Property Inspection & appraisal
• Free Sign Installation
• Free Appraisal & Evaluation
• Key Safe Guarding
• Free Property Brochure
• Newspaper & Magazine Ads
• 24/7 phone services
• Cleaning Services
• Discount on Renovations
• Rent Collection & Follow up
• Repairs & Maintenance
• Periodical Reports (Market reports "Economics, Real Estate)

2. For Property Buyers:

• Property search and short-listing
• Financial Solutions (banks, partners, investors, mutual funds)
• Periodical Reports (Market reports "Economics, Real Estate)
• Unbiased Property Consultation (Legal perspective, Technical Perspective, Price Study)
• One Stop Shop (Minor or Major Renovation)
• Property Management
• Collaboration with other brokers
• Wide & Diversified Range of Properties including Free Unlimited Property Visits
• 3rd Party Consultation: Our experts at BRICKS can furnish you with a brief, professional and unbiased Property Review over your opted piece of property (even if you are buying it directly from the owner or through a third party). This could come in separate, or in conjunction with the two afore mentioned services (Legal and Financial).